The three aims away from AMMA-Globally was

The three aims away from AMMA-Globally was

The fresh new School out-of Leeds has played a leading part from the in the world AMMA programme, each other compliment of NERC-funded ideas and you can because of contribution about AMMA-Eu Build six methods. More than San Diego escort 100 search papers was in fact generated from our participation in AMMA, and also the studies have swayed of several areas, along with of meteorology, weather physics, African ability building, degree, atmospheric composition, air quality, and environment predicting.

AMMA team at the Leeds

  • Doug Parker (First Investigator)
  • Jim McQuaid
  • Dwayne Read
  • Gerard Devine
  • Christophe Messager
  • Luis Garcia-Carreras
  • Roisin Commane
  • Barbara Brooks
  • Matt Passion


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