Analog Husband antique gibson guitar consequence An Ibanez hose Screamer try an overdrive/distortion extremity that is definitely minimal pared many.

Analog Husband antique gibson guitar consequence An Ibanez hose Screamer try an overdrive/distortion extremity that is definitely minimal pared many.

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An Ibanez tubing Screamer is actually an overdrive/distortion pedal this is gentle pared to many, but allows the true audio of the flute and player’s way to e through. Typically the most popular utilization of a tube screamer is to drive a tube amplifier so it will be overdrive considerably, however they noises great through just about anything.


One pipe Screamer had been the green TS-808 overdrive pro during the latter ’70s. It absolutely was preceded through Orange “Overdrive” and alternative “Overdrive-II” which came in narrower cartons without dating for married male in New York city having the battery pack address, as well as the reddish “Overdrive-II” which had a box very similar to the TS-808. The lighter green OD-855 Overdrive-II can also be from inside the TS-808 elegance box and also a circuit and is very similar to the 808 – the aboard parts number merely vary by one digit. The overdrive and OD-II got a special, a whole lot more twisted, fuzzy routine around a large Muff.

The TS-808 as well as production have got smallest square material on/off touch-buttons. Almost all TS-808’s seem excellent. There had been some TS-808s built in the 1979 period, typically for any other than USA stores, that was available in a narrower field. These posses a bottom platter that unscrews to modify the battery like an MXR extremity, no plastic material power address. This thin TS-808 had a better tour. It utilizes two 1458 chips which you’ll find are the very first form of the low-tech two op-amp. Additionally the amount knob on these are marked STABILITY as well as the external 9V run jack is found on along side it beside the insight port. They used the the exact same instance since earlier in the day OVERDRIVE and OVERDRIVE-II pedals that used stomp changes. These received a circuit table marked OD-801. This board can be found a number of previous Maxon OD-808 OVERDRIVE pedals which have a TS808 type change and a power jack privately (to not become mistaken for the 2000-era Maxon OD808). Ibanez reissued the thin TS-808 as the “35th Anniversary TS-808” in 2014. Truly a highly valid reissue except they utilized JRC4558D potato chips instead of the 1458 chips. We’ve got a mod in order to make these just like the originals.

Ahead of time TS-808’s experience the Ibanez (R) “marker” logo design which many of us find. Discover truly no differences, though some among these have actually a Malaysian Florida devices RC4558P processor rather than the regular Japanese JRC4558 processor chip. An uncommon processor chip used had been the TL4558P processor, since in some earlier 8-pin IC chip leader OD-1 pedals. This can be Jim Weider’s favorite processor within the King Of build extremity. A number of the beginning TS-808s possess a nut possessing the capability adaptor port on, while later on data do not have any block and a flush adaptor jack. It is not necessarily abnormal for a TS-808 to have an undercoat of a separate coloring (which are seen in the ever-present spot chips).

Tubing Screamer Relatives Photograph

Click on this link for many most photographs in our group of TS-808s also rare Ibanez pedals from the pipe screamer relatives. Furthermore an innovative new TS9 that we made into a RELIC.

Authentic TS-808 facts

As you can tell, the JRC chip was utilized throughout the lifetime of the TS-808 and the TL4558P was used occasionally. In abs checks, there is VERY little difference in three of the chips, the JRC provides the best POPULAR hose screamer sounds- the nice communication midrange. The Malaysian RC4558P chip was almost certainly familiar with stretch your budget mainly because they had been cheaper than a Japanese generated JRC processor. We would be happy to use the RC processor inside mod if you desire. They have got more determination which some individuals might including. Early TS808 made use of a circuit table marked MP-D01201A, after that in late 1980 roughly they altered on the MP-D01201B table.

SRV made use of the TS-808 for his signature juicy strat overall tone. As he used small Fender amps which had organic overdrive, the guy used the TS specify nice and clean (low disk drive setting) employing the amount upward high to move the amp for further distortion (determine the TIDY ENHANCE facts below). As he played along huge thoroughly clean amps he converted the disk drive upwards more, about 1/2 form, with build on about 3 and level about 7 to get the distortion from your TS.

Around 1982 until 1985 the Ibanez pedals had been repackaged while the 9-series of effects happened to be manufactured. The number one got the TS-9 tube screamer, which is certainly very nearly exactly like the TS-808 internally. Externally the on/off change grew to pack about 1/3 regarding the benefit. The principle difference in the TS-9 tour is in the output section. This brought the tubing screamer becoming slightly better and fewer “smooth”. The Edge from U2 uses a TS9 for the majority of of his own overdrive hues, as manage numerous more well-known stone and organization professionals. In old age the TS-9s happened to be built with other op-amp potato chips, as opposed to the JRC-4558 called for in the schematics. Several of those seem painful, particularly the JRC 2043DD chips. Lots of used the Toshiba TA75558 that had been continuing on the reissue. For people with an authentic TS9 aided by the 2043 processor chip, all of our 808 mods will likely make a giant difference in build.

STL and TS10

Following your 9 collection was discontinued, the MASTER or L-series pedals comprise created, without a tube screamer into the array. This collection was just made in about 1985. The two achieved are the ULTRA TUBING design STL, that is like a 4 knob pipe screamer. It really is much like the uncommon and important ST-9 mega tubing Screamer which has come were purchased just in Europe. They are like a Tube Screamer with an extra MIDS management, and that’s before cutting on the ST-9 and following clipping period from inside the STL. Next within 1986 the equally generated POWER COLLECTION or 10 television series made an appearance, for example the TS-10 hose screamer. pared to a TS-808, a TS-10 provides about 3 times much more rounds updates compared to TS-9 experienced. From about 1988 through 89 when the 10 collection finished, some TS-10 pedals happened to be produced in Taiwan, making use of an MC4558 chip. All TS-10s (alongside fifty and 10 program pedals) employed inexpensive jacks and pots that were secured to the boards instead of the covers, so they really typically crack or falter and can’t getting attached like a hand-made pedal (ts9 and ts808 are usually handmade, hand wired components). There is also a ribbon cable tv inside which links the pot panel to the principal table.

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