Has just, i have made tall improvements within matchmaking

Has just, i have made tall improvements within matchmaking

It’s including a tragic life

– Beloved Ilham Heydar oglu, thanks for the sort terms you may have said concerning the Belarus some one and you will me personally. Actually, past and after this brand new Chairman and i used a thorough change in our affairs and tested the issues we should instead eliminate. Our very own ministers performed a great work on the both Azerbaijani and you will Belarusian edges. New co-seating claimed into the really works now, brand new ministers performed an excellent jobs. It would be continued just after all of our dialogue today.

I sincerely many thanks, beloved Ilham Heydar oglu, for the friendly surroundings who’s got traditionally encircled our condition delegation with this visit. In the conversation, i reaffirmed the newest strategic character out-of affairs between Belarus and you may Azerbaijan and you will reported that i’ve around no change away from view for the the newest internationally agenda. Our very own examination of the condition internationally totally coincide, there’s clarity regarding the after that shared tips facing the worldwide economic crisis, pandemic and you will, most importantly, uncertain forecasts for future years. We really do not know look these up what may come tomorrow, the afternoon immediately after the next day, etc.

I absolutely appreciate this new open and amicable ambiance of your own meetings using my buddy. This has been the way it is with our company. He’s got just asserted that i continuously visit each other’s places. That is my personal fifth click here. Ilham Heydar oglu enjoys paid down specialized visits to Belarus 5 times to discuss some matters.

Which is a significant governmental decision which will function the foundation out of long-lasting serenity in your community

President away from Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he had currently indicated well done for the head out of state to your occasion of the Win, troubled the necessity of the truth that the fresh new 29-year-much time dreadful catastrophe for the individuals of Azerbaijan and you will Armenia, as he place it, had concluded.

– The entire world knows my position; the brand new Azerbaijani and Armenian individuals know it. You will find constantly advocated to own human lifestyle. Ilham Heydar oglu is actually usually an observe of this. Also during our very own conferences with his later father Heydar Aliyev, I always expected a question when a speech came up: tell me whether people in Karabakh was indeed willing to constantly live around below this oppression until the most recent situations, this type of hostilities? Did they feel an excellent truth be told there? There was a tenth left off what was once around within the Soviet minutes, perhaps even shorter. And this situation would have to be solved somehow. And i also have always truly and honestly conveyed my reputation, both upcoming not as much as a barrage of criticism, on precisely how to manage this matter. Ilham Heydar oglu said absolutely sincerely and you will genuinely that we need to respond to it soundly. I happened to be an observe to can a supporter. Therefore now I truly need certainly to compliment both folks of Azerbaijan and also the people of Armenia towards stop for the sad, or even more, period in their records. Well written on the Chairman to have asserted that we truly need to make these pages. This is certainly my personal status, it is my personal wish. Get Goodness grant that problems is actually leveled out, with the intention that there are no splinters in the souls and you may hearts of Armenian and you may Azerbai definitely believing that there is going to perhaps not be people episodes towards Armenians, paying score otherwise tries to specific payback for my buddy and you will cousin. He could be a gentle and you will better-experienced individual. I usually claim that he finished in the finest school away from the new Soviet Relationship when you look at the Soviet minutes – MGIMO. They are an educated educated and civilized person of all presidents along the article-Soviet place. You will find usually spoken about it in public areas as well. And so i provides replied practical question – I congratulated a couple. And i also should notice his enormous character into the fixing it state. Ilham Heydar oglu and i talked about they last night, and he seems it now. I thought they proper – it can check one to, sure, earn might have been hit, that’s all, the difficulty might have been resolved, however wake up the next morning and you can realize that it is just the first step. Way more remains to be carried out in these types of areas five minutes how big is Luxembourg or equivalent to Lebanon, perhaps not smaller than Lebanon. It will be a level expanded and tricky unbelievable. I would personally much as that it is a quiet unbelievable.

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